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Hoosier Announces New 28.0/10.5R-17 and 28.0/10.5R-18 Bracket Racing Tires

Lakeville, IN - When it comes to modern day muscle cars, you can see Dodge Hellcats, Challengers and Chargers alongside Ford Mustangs or Chevy Camaros weekly at the drag strip battling against each other to see who can be the fastest. Well, Hoosier is introducing its first radial tire designed specifically for the newest generation bracket race cars.

The New 28.0/10.5R-17 and 28.0/10.5R-18 tires are designed for pure performance for the weekend racer at the track. Don’t settle for a street tire designed for the track when you can have a race tire designed for the track. Bolt a pair on at the track and start setting new personal records.

View a full list of Drag Tyres here

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