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Hoosier Tire Reintroduces 3-Wheeler Tri Trac FrontHoosier Tire Reintroduces 3-Wheeler

Lakeville, IN - A blast from the past! Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to reintroduce the 3-Wheeler Tri Trac front, this tire was first introduced back in the 80’s when 3-Wheeler racing was in it’s prime. Now in Extreme Dirt Track Racing the demand for 3-Wheeler products is more than ever and with that comes one of the most asked for tires from the past couple of years. This tire is a clone to the original tire, but is combined with the latest tire construction and compounding technology.

The T20 compound is the best suited compound for all track conditions and rider comfort. Tires will be available in early February for purchase from your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire distributor.

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