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New 22.0x8.0-13 W3 FE Rain Front Slated for Competition in 2020

LAKEVILLE, IN – Hoosier is proud to release a new, taller 22.0x8.0-13 W3 rain tire that matches the overall diameter of the 22.0x8.0-13 FE dry tire. This change has been implemented to eliminate the additional setup time that was required to accommodate the previous 22.0x7.5-13 W3. The specifications on the new wet are listed in the table below.  

The new 22.0x8.0-13 W3 will have the same tread pattern, construction, and compound as the 2019 specification. The only difference is an increase of 2” in circumference (from 67” to 69”).  

The new FE wet front is now in stock and will be available for purchase at the first SCCA race in Homestead on January 3-5, 2020.

The 2019 spec rain front – 22.0x7.5-13 – has been placed on closeout and will be available at the discounted price of $125.00 each. The closeout tire can be ordered by CLICKING HERE and valid while supplies last.

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